Dental Marketing That Is Tailor Made for Your Practice

Increase your new patients and production with marketing that gets results.

Marketing isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. Each dental practice is unique and each area has its own needs and wants. We work with you to understand your goals, and help you to create a marketing strategy that works. We have helped hundreds of dentists get the results they are looking for. 

We are a marketing agency driven by results. Our marketing strategies are based on proven methods that are effective in generating a flow of new patients for the types of services you want to promote. Thanks to our extensive experience in dental marketing, we know what works and what doesn’t, so we don’t waste your time or money. 

Slide "As a long-time client of Gilleard Marketing, they have continually provided me with a consistent level of new patients.

"Most of my high-production cases come to our office because of Gilleard’s magazine, bringing in an average of 4-6 full-arch cases each month.

"Without question, a Gilleard magazine is the best way to market your implant and high-production services."

—Tarun Agarwal, DDS
Raleigh, NC
Dental Office
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What Makes Us Different?

  • We are experts in dental marketing.

    We have been working with dental practices for more than a decade. Very few dental marketing agencies have the experience that we do. We understand dental procedures and the everyday realities of a dental practice.

  • We provide custom marketing for your practice.

    We customize each marketing campaign from scratch, using precise marketing research gleaned for your practice.

  • We give a true representation of your practice’s strengths and philosophy.

    Each practice has its own personality, strengths and accomplishments. Our custom magazine and internet marketing reflect this. We give you the competitive edge in your area.

  • We have a proven track record of success in dental marketing practices.

    We have been marketing dental practices since 2007. We track all our results and have developed protocols to help any client have successful marketing. As a testament to this, our clients stay with us, year after year.

  • We give superlative customer service.

    Our dedicated team promptly responds to any questions or requests you may have. We are here to get you the best possible results from your marketing and our service reflects this.

  • We are a real marketing company.

    That may sound strange, but unlike other dental marketing companies that sprang up during the digital-age, we are actually skilled in the traditional art of marketing as practiced by large ad agencies and successful corporations.

  • We use market research and surveys.

    This is the key to finding out what is in the mind of your target audiences, knowing what to write so the reader wants to go to your practice, using correct imagery to create a reach and capturing an internet audience or sending direct mail to reach your prime households.

Image of marketing team discussing direct mail dental magazines.

Professional marketers dedicated to helping dentists grow.

One of the biggest challenges for dental practices is to generate enough new patients, including the types of patients you want, with your marketing efforts. With the amount of competition in today’s market, you have to be able to distinguish yourself from other dentists.

With our comprehensive process of marketing we are able to match your needs exactly and give you the expert help you need. We fully utilize our extensive experience from marketing dentists in diverse regions of the U.S., while also conducting tailored market research in your area and interviewing you about your practice and goals.

Achieve your goals for your practice.

Gilleard Dental Marketing has helped numerous doctors significantly increase their flow of new patients—especially for high-production cases. We have helped many practice owners achieve their goals: be it more new patients, more profitability, more free time, the ability to open new practices or even to be able to sell their practice for a desirable amount.

We can do the same for you!


Effective Marketing Results Following COVID-19

Dr. Ben Johnson in Waco, Texas

reported getting 100 new patients the first two months after reopening at the end of April. Outside of a few weeks, he kept his 12-page custom magazine in circulation.

Portrait image of Dr. Ben Johnson results with Custom Magazine.
Dr. Lee Sheldon in Melbourne, Florida

had their phones ringing off the hook after sending out an email announcing they were open and literally scheduled 30 new patients that first week.

Portrait image of Dr. Lee Sheldon and his success with Dental Marketing.
Atlanta Dental Center in Atlanta, Georgia

reported 50 new conversions from their internet marketing campaign in just a few weeks – best results ever.

Portrait image of Josh Benk and his results with dental office marketing.


In our free marketing consultation you can learn more about our marketing programs and the programs we offer. We’ll discuss your goals, your practice and your geographic location to evaluate what would work best for you.

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What our clients have to say about us:

Slide Our multidisciplinary dental office has now been working with Gilleard Dental Marketing for nine years and to claim that we have been happy with our results would be a vast understatement. Not a day goes by that we do not have at least one new patient that has both found us and been preheated because of our custom Gilleard Marketing programs. Coupling the help of a complete marketing plan with more well-defined internal systems has resulted in our revenue increasing by over $100,000 PER MONTH!

I would highly recommend Gilleard Dental Marketing for anyone looking to attract the type of new patients every dentist desires. The Gilleard Dental Marketing approach is a cornerstone to our new patient flow and a major part of our practice's success.
Bessemer, AL Dr. Holt Gray Prosthodontist Holt Gray, DMD
Slide Josh Benk In the 37 years we’ve been around we’ve tried a lot of different marketing plans. I feel like we’ve had every expert in the country call our office with their new and fresh viewpoint on marketing. But Gilleard Dental Marketing has performed strong and true regardless of the economic climate. Probably my favorite aspect of Gilleard is that they really understand the process of treatment acceptance, and they engineer the marketing so it actually results in treatment acceptance. So many marketing companies have justified that they got the new patient to call or the new patient to come to the office, but Gilleard’s new patients actually enroll in treatment. Atlanta, GA Joshua Benk Practice Manager Slide Jeffrey Lee MD, DMD When we hired Gilleard Dental Marketing to do a magazine for us, we were a little skeptical and we weren’t sure it would make any difference. We sent the magazine out and were surprised at the positive response we got.

We also created a separate piece to mail to our referring dentists to increase their awareness of our services.

The amount of direct new patients and referrals from our network has steadily increased, and my reputation and status as an opinion leader in our field has been established by the professional look and communication of Gilleard Dental Marketing’s work.
Tustin, CA Dr. Jeffrey Lee Oral Surgeon
Slide As of this year, 2020, I've been with Gilleard for seven years. The company has provided me with a consistent level of new patients throughout that time. In 2019, we had a 10:1 return on investment in each of the venues Gilleard provided for us. That ratio is even higher as it does not include the friends and family members of the Gilleard referrals.

When we started with Gilleard, we invested the minimum amount of money that they recommended. As we saw the results, we invested more and more money because we achieved more and more income as a result.

If I have questions, they respond with sound data. If I have a problem, they review every system in the flow of marketing to get to the answer. And you know what? They always get an answer.
Melbourne, FL Dr. Lee Sheldon Periodontist
Slide We were introduced to Gilleard by a periodontist friend. He told us of his experience and success marketing directly to the public. He was then able to refer patients requiring restorative dentistry to his colleagues. This is the best marketing!

We have experienced the same! In our Periodontal practice, which has been in the same location for over 41 years, the vast majority of our patients today come directly to us, without a referral from a general dentist. We have now ordered 200,000 of the personalized magazines. Gilleard redid our website and manages our online presence. We get reports of daily and monthly statistics.

We have not only been able to survive but most importantly, thrive.
Fort Lauderdale, FL Dr. Kenneth Levine Periodontist